Bee removal & relocation specialist (JHB)

Bees on the move

So, what’s the

We are professional bee removal specialists and apiculturalists and are passionate about protecting and nurturing our bees. We are not pest control or exterminators and we do not kill bees.

Why choose us?

We are registered bee keepers and specialise in the safe removal and relocation of bees. We provide a swift and professional service, caring for bees as well as your home.

Relocating bees or moving a bee hive can be very dangerous and we strongly discourage any attempt by untrained persons to move a hive, this can lead to serious injury and even death (bees can fly faster that you can run!).

Swift and professional service

Competitive rates

We do not kill bees

Our pledge

We offer a professional service in ensuring your safety and peace of mind. Bees are relocated to our apiary where they are cared for and rehabilitated.

We guarantee all work completed.

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