Bee Informed

The swarming season begins in early Spring, peaking between September and December

The African honey bee is renowned for its prolific swarming and bees in urban areas tend to swarm more frequently. A swarm is looking for a new home and the bees are unlikely to be aggressive – they are tired and simply resting. Please do not spray or disturb them. Often, they will move within a day or so, but they may have their sights on your cosy roof or garden shed, so do call us and we can ensure that they are moved to a safer home. Do not attempt to move them yourself, without the necessary training and protection you will get stung.

What looks like just a few bees on the outside can be deceiving


pic 1 – pipes covered


pic 2 – cover removed


pic 3 – preparing to move the comb

During the winter you may not have noticed your bees, but once the queen gets busy again, she can lay in excess of 1500 eggs a day and that little hive in the shed can grow very quickly.

Bees are more active in warm weather and after rain, so be especially vigilant during the summer months. They are also sensitive to vibrations, so avoid any activities near hives such as lawn mowers.

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